Live Chat Support Deprecated

Hi all. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.A quick update to announce that we've deprecated our Live Chat Support. The reason for this is simply that no one ever used it (literally, not once) - and we have better options for contacting us now. Namely, by phone.If you need quick assistance, just call or text us at (601) 621-4355, or you can e-mail ... Read More »

26th Nov 2021
Knowledgebase Update - How Archiving and Categories Work

We've overhauled and expanded the knowledge-base article on how archiving and categories work.

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25th Oct 2021
Text Message Support

As a new support-option, in addition to giving us a call - you can now also send support questions via text messages to our office number at (601) 621-4355!

While we still encourage users to use the ticket system here when possible, we hope that this will be a new and convenient way to answer quick questions.

4th Oct 2021
Updated Support Options

To better reflect our commitment to support, we've updated and improved our support options.

3rd Oct 2021
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