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Mid-South Broadcasting customers have several options for support. Your first stop should always be the knowledge-base, which contains plenty of helpful documentation and information.

Contact Options


This is the primary method of interacting with support. Simply open a ticket here or send an e-mail to [email protected] (or [email protected], if it's billing related). A ticket will automatically be created from your e-mail! (You must send the e-mail from an address on-file for your account)


Call or Text

Reach us by phone at (601) 621-4355 (call or text) or schedule a call.




Remote Support Tool

If you need help with something involving software or your computer - We may ask you to download our remote support tool. This is a simple remote-desktop program that allows us to access and view / control your computer remotely (you'll have to authorize us each time of course).

We can use this tool to troubleshoot, help optimize settings, demonstrate how to do something, and more. The tool can be downloaded here. Once you download the tool, install it. Then, any time you need help which involves us accessing your computer, you can just open the program.

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Phone Support

  Customer Support:  (601) 621-4355 You can also schedule a conference call.

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